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Passion starts with play that allows us uncover our talents and strengths. If we let it flourish, it grows into purpose and inspires us to create and innovate.

Empathy helps us learn from each other.  It connects people.  It enables us to recognize opportunities and to innovate.

Excellence: We strive to create the conditions within which children can motivate themselves.  We help them develop interest.  When they have an interest and they seek more information about it, they get involved.  When they get involved, they get motivated to excel.

We Believe in... individualized learning and helping children reach their true potential scientific research regarding how effective learning happens fun, engaging content that gets kids excited about learning using 21st-century tools to prepare 21st-century students books, digital media, and great outdoors—because a mix of teaching tools maximizes learning creating a community dedicated to building a future in which every child masters empathy outstanding teacher engagement giving parents meaningful ways to be involved in their children's education

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