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About Us

Here, at iSchool for the Future, we lay foundation for future success. Through a well designed program to address individual needs of your child we create a fun educational environment with chances to learn, ideas to explore and inspiration to dream big. Here at iSchool, your child will aspire to do well in life and will be given necessary tools to succeed.

Our dynamic learning program engages children, helps discover strengths and talents of each child.  Here children develop a healthy identity of self and appreciation of others, become a part of the community and practice how to be good citizens. They learn essential 21st century skills and create relevant connections between in- and out-of-school experiences, solving challenging problems that involve integration of learning from different sources and disciplines.

In our approach we strive to learn from the best educational practices and research about how we learn best and how young minds work. Experiential Project-based Learning, Personalized Teaching, Global Perspective, and Emotional & Social Education are the four pillars of our program. Learn more

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