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Learn. Dream. Succeed.

Enabling the New Generation of Compassionate Innovators

What isi  in iSchool?

Individual is how we look at every child with his or her unique strengths and talents

Integrated – is our curriculum because not only it integrates us with our environment, it combines all subjects into hands-on real life projects

International – is our approach because we believe that global preparedness is key to future success

Innovative - is our culture that encourages children see the world as a whole and brings them into the 21st century

Inspirational – is our environment that inspires every child to dream big, experiment and be not afraid to fail

Our science programs and camps are more than just fun for children – we offer a life-changing experience.  Children explore their curiosities and imaginations through real life science experiences.  They expand their thinking and visionary capacity and gain the 21st Century life skills they need to bring it all together.

 ischool programs

Learn about our signature STEAM SEL TM approach that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and 21st Century skills for success


what i learned - katie and mackenzie


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 "Grounded in solid educational research, iSchool for the Future prepares children for success in the 21st century.  It helps them be happier and more effective learners.  It can change the way they think about themselves and their future". - Dr. Pamela Garner, New Century College, George Mason University

"Freedom to think and work creatively had the most impact on my child. I think iSchool for the Future has the perfect environment for kids to learn and grow."  - Beth Warner, parent

"At iSchool, I learned how to learn"  - Student, Age 7

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